Metadata problems

How come the show " Overspel" ( isn’t found when you edit the metadata and type it in? Filenames are correct as in <season><sxxexx> - ."

I am also having problems with Myhtbusters ( of which episodes will not be matched. Again the naming is correct.

Can you provide an exact sample of how you have these files named?

/Series/Overspel/Season 1/S01E01 - Mooie foto’s.mp4 etc.

Same goes for Mythbusters, where the show is recognized but the episode is not…

The MythBusters is set up weird in TheTVDB, instead of using “Season 1” you have to use “Season 2003” and the file name needs to be S2003E01.mp4 instead of S01E01.mp4

You can see the seasons here

I’ve tried this in a test and with the file names and folder names I’ve suggested it finds all info automatically.

Now for the other one, I’m still trying to decipher that one but I’ll keep working on it.

I’ll try out Mythbusters.

As extra information for Overspel, I long pressed on am episode and tried to edit the metadata, but all it finds its another Dutch show called “Overspel in de liefde”. The correct show is not listed though.

One other quick question, what language are you using for metadata in Infuse in the settings menu?

in Infuse? According to the Settings page all Language entries are on Auto

I’m not real well versed in how the different metadata languages work and what selections in ATV and Infuse dictate which is used but for the Overspel series it’s only available in Dutch it appears. I can’t get it to work but my ATV is set on English and I don’t understand Dutch so the menus would change and I’d be lost.

Maybe someone else who is more versed in how this all works will chime in and tell you how to get the Dutch metadata working.

I do know for a fact though that the Mythbusters works as I explained earlier since I was able to duplicate that multiple times.

Good luck!

Thanks for the effort. I’ll play around with it, after all I am Dutch so I should be able to read/understand it. I have my ATV, just like my computer, in English because when you have to Google for something English will provide more results.

Another Dutch show (Bloedverwanten) is recognized, and apparently had an English entry