Metadata problems

Hi all!

I have couple of movies which have metadata taken from itunes store with Subler app. Infuse v5 doesn’t show the cover at all, v4 show it normal…
Any help?

I have that to, manual search went fine, does not show thumbnail, works fine on iphone though.

I use the same process for tagging my iTunes Movies with Subler. I believe that Infuse 5 is still capable of accessing all of the embedded metadata, including cover art, but its simply a little on the slow side (this has been improved with recent updates). The primary reason for the slowdown is that you most likely have meta fetching ON.

So a possible solution is to either: Turn OFF all meta fetching if you only use properly tagged videos, or Set individual files to use local metadata only. I prefer the latter…

If you want Infuse to use your embedded metadata, you will need to enable the Embedded Metadata option in Infuse. I would also recommend leaving the Metadata Fetching option enabled, as Infuse will use that to fill in any missing gaps it may come across.