Metadata Problems dealt with by very large emby library

I added a relatively large emby library to infuse. After I added a large emby library, it would take a long time to open infuse every time. You can see that the number of episodes has been matched, but most of the media posters will not be displayed. Probably only 5% showed the poster. I tried removing infuse and reinstalling it, but it didn’t work, I kept infuse open for 1 hour when I added it, but the result is still the same. But when I open a certain movie alone, the poster will be displayed after about a few seconds.

  1. Is there a way to make all movies and TV shows show posters?
  2. Pre-Cache Images, does this option need to be turned on?

I believe this is what you want to turn on to get the posters to be displayed faster. With it turned off Infuse won’t fetch the posters until you are actually on that page and then it will fetch the poster.

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