Metadata problem with series

I uploaded Slam Dunk anime series (1993-1996) through itunes to my iphone. The file names are listed below:

name for the first episode: slam dunk 01 the gifted basketball player is born

I can find the metadata when I search it through Edit Metadata option. I can not find my series of which I think it is one of the most popular anime series.

You’re going to want to name your files “Slam Dunk S01E01 The Gifted Basketball player is born.mkv”

Here is the page on TMDB and from there you can review the season and episodes.

Also, the name of the first episode is a bit different on TMDB, they have it as “The Birth of a Genius Basketman?” I guess it’s all in the translations.

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Thanks. It worked. Is there a way to change the name on iphone?

Google is your friend. :wink:

This is one of the first ones on the search results.

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