Metadata problem with series

Hey, so I’m having a problem with getting Star Trek TOS to be recognised. I’ve put it in a folder called Star Trek - The Original Series, then a sub folder called season 1, and just have the episode numbers. That didn’t work and infuse, on IOS seemed to think they were movies so when I went to change the meta data, there was no listing for the episode titles. I then tried changing the file names to 01 - 00, 01 - 01, 01 - 02, etc… Still no joy and infuse still thinks they are movies.

How do I make sure that infuse recognises them as movies? I thought the file structure would have worked as I’m showing it the TV folder which has other working shows in it… I’m at a loss. :frowning:

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I’m going to assume you meant that you want Infuse to recognize them as TV shows and NOT movies. :wink:

The following folder and file names and structure will pull the correct metadata and artwork. I just tested it and Infuse pulled all the correct info right away. This is the best naming structure and file name structure I’ve found for TV shows. While there are others that may work as well this has been the most reliable for me.

This users guide outlines this and other ways that Infuse uses names and structures.