Metadata poor language selection


What’s the reason of poorer metadata language selection on Apple TV. In my case Lithuanian language is available for metadata on macOS and iOS, but not available on Apple TV.


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I don’t even see Lithuanian listed in the Apple iOS, tvOS or macOS app store for Infuse.

Maybe @james will have an answer.

This is how it looks on macOS:


Apple TV gives only English language and indicates region as Lithuania, but metadata is fetched in English:

I imagine that @FlyGoneCrazy sees Lithuanian as an option in macOS and iOS because their system language settings include Lithuanian as a language preference. The first few suggested languages in the list when selecting a language to choose for metadata in Infuse reflects the languages selected in the system language preferences. This is why I am able to see Persian as an option in Infuse on iOS/iPadOS/macOS, even though Persian is not an official language option for metadata in Infuse.

@keyx9y most probably you’re right. As Apple TV doesn’t have Lithuanian language, but has Lithuania as region. That’s why I see English (Lithuania).

Anyways, I’m curious why Infuse shows only some languages. As technically supports any language you want. Of course content is not created for all languages, but this is just a question of fallback scenario - what to show if preferred language is not available.

I was wondering the same thing, but hopefully this will be addressed in a new upcoming feature where you can have the metadata display in the original language, though I am unsure how exactly this will be implemented and whether or not the list of available languages for metadata selection will be expanded.