Metadata parsing still seem pretty rubbish

So Infuse basically can’t figure out anything in my library over Win10 SMB.
There are a few lucky strikes; the rest is just placed into the “Others” category.

I need some help, hints on what to do. There are more than 1000 files in the “Other” category, and it doesn’t even seem I can give Infuse hints at what’s what.

Lets start simple - Family Guy.
I have most episodes, in the following folder structure:
TV Shows\Family Guy
------------------------ Season 1
------------------------ Season 2
------------------------ etc.

Inside each season folder is:
S##E## .ext
Example: S01E01. Death Has a Shadow.avi

Most folders follow this structure, but Infuse seems to skip certain seasons, for no discernible reason.
Reading the (somewhat) sparse documentation on how metadata is parsed, my folder structure seems to be allowed.
I’ve tried various renaming tactics just to test if I at least could get it to see it.

Plex has no problems figuring out my entire library. EVERYTHING it understands, and I paid nothing for Plex.

Any hints?

Forgot to mention.
If I long-press a media file under “Others”, and then “Edit Metadata”, lets use “S01E01. Death Has a Shadow.avi” again as the example: I only get what appear to be movie suggestions. I get all the Family Guy movies, and no episode/season suggestions. So how would one go about manually setting the metadata in that fashion?

The filename needs to include the series name, eg ‘Family Guy S01E01 Death has a shadow.avi’

I really hope not.

Anyway, this page says otherwise: Metadata and Cover Art – Firecore
Under “Alternative Options”:
“TV Show/Any Folder/S##E##.mkv”

Not sure why you’d choose literally one of the very last alternatives over three recommended naming conventions but it appears that you still are not quite following it.

The last of the naming alternatives is “TV Show/Any Folder/S##E##.mkv” and according to your earlier post you are not follow this either, you have “S01E01. Death Has a Shadow.avi” which adds the episode name before the file extension. The example you refer to doesn’t reference an “< anything >” option to have additional information in the file name like any of the “Recommended” naming conventions have.

You may have to either add the name to the first of the file names or delete any episode name (or other info) after the season and episode numbers before the file extension.

If you still have problems Id still guess it’s not an issue with infuse as much as it is with the metadata being provided by to infuse. I"ve had a handful of instances that I had to go back and add the year to the name of a few shows to get them to pick up the correct show and on others I’ve had to add “US” after the name of a show that had also be produced in a different country to get the correct metadata.

You best bet would be to use the #1 recommended option on names and get past the troubles that make the alternatives just that. Alternatives.

I’ve used the prefered naming convention on several hundred shows with just a handful of manual corrections needed.

FWIW, that’s the guide for the older 2nd gen Apple TV.

The current guide for Infuse on the 4th gen Apple TV can be found here.

Hey guys.

I didn’t pick my naming convention after picking Infuse. Infuse came long after.
I even tried renaming an entire season of Californication S01E01.avi, S01E02.avi, etc, and it still didn’t get picked up.
While you might be right about S01E01 (something).avi wouldn’t be allowed, the question is why not?

I mean, if Plex can do it?

Anyway, if this is what I’m stuck with, having to rename all those files, then I request an option of telling Infuse how it should interpret a given folder.
Let me select something like.
“The files are stored in the following format”
Season #*S##E##.

Or Season #*\d\d*.* (where \d is digits).

Maybe even regular expressions, for advanced users.

It seems that according to the link that James provided your only options for Infuse on the 4th gen Apple TV is to have the series name at the start of the file name. This format seems to be acceptable to most running the ATV gen 4 with infuse. I haven’t seen any others mention problems with or preferring not to having the file name include the series name at the start.

As to “if Plex can do it”, doesn’t mean that it’s correct, or necessarily a standard, or that others should follow or spend valuable program resources accommodating.

There are no “correct” way to parse metadata. The current naming formats are simply community standards.

If the vision for Infuse is maximum usability, then more logic related to parsing wouldn’t be misplaced resources. Especially if the alternative is “rename 1000 files”.

But I’m a programmer myself, and I know how big todo lists can get, on certain projects.