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In the “overview” section of metadata, Emby only supports (manually added) >br code tags for displaying line breaks or paragraphs. MacOS or other OS regular line break code is not supported.

But alas they show up as rather distracting >br code junk in Infuse, as infuse supports MacOS line breaks. Would it be possible to make these tags disappear in the Infuse overview display without altering the .nfo file itself?


Would you be able to post a screenshot of where you are seeing these?

Here are the screenshots, first two are Infuse, the other two Emby. I have to add
tags for line break, because it is the only way Emby developers will support line break or paragraphing (so they said).

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Filtering of these tags will be available in the upcoming 6.6 release. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! Thanks!

It works very well in MacOS alpha5! Thank you so much for your great support! :heart_eyes:

One minor bug (?): it is not possible to scroll down in overview, as the window remains static. The scroll bar does not move at all. (See screenshot)

Here you see better what I mean (cut off text)

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This should be fixed in today’s macOS alpha 6 update. :slight_smile:

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All perfect! Thanks!

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The fix for this is also available in today’s 6.6 update for iOS and Apple TV. :slight_smile:

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Superb! Thanks a lot!

There remains a last minor request: Is it possible in the future to add a scrolling bar for longer texts in the overview display of the AppleTV app as well? So far, scrolling text only works in the iOS and MacOS apps.
In the Emby AppleTV app, scrolling of longer overview text is possible, but strangely enough the Emby AppleTV app does not filter the [br] metatags they themselves endorse for line break display…

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