Metadata on series ?

Hello there…


I have some series in a folder, and then some .iso’s. So my structure is like this:


Folder - Seriename

.iso Seriename S1D1 ex.

iso. Seriename S1D2


But can’t get metadata on the folder, or on the ISO ?


I have tryed to change the name so it’s just the iso. Seriename but still the same…


How do you guys do ?

Hmm, the problem is maybe it’s a .iso and not a .avi ?


Anyhow, I can’t either get the metadata for the Folder with the serie ?

I assume that S1D1 stands for series 1 disk 1, where there are multiple episodes on the disk (iso).

If so then this isn’t going to work for series which expect each episode in a separate file and use S1E1 to mean series 1 episode 1.



Thx for answer :slight_smile:


Okii, I have now MKV’s instead, and there are now fan art on the .mkvs, but not on the “main folder” ?


Seriname “Folder” <–> no fanart

And in this folder

.mkv. <–> fanart


In the folder that contains the series episodes, you need to manually save the artwork that is to be displayed for that folder in a file called folder.jpg.

I use the website (which is the site used for the automaticly fetched metadata) to find the artwork for the tv series.

Okii just a follow up:


I used Handbrake to get the files out of the .img/dvd file. Encoded them to mkv, and now I can set them up like a serie, arhh perfect :slight_smile:


Soo if there are anyone there have this problem, Handbrake is the solution