metadata on beta version

i’m really concerned with the metadata issues on the beta version that i’m testing. my tv shows are not in alphabetical order for i dont know what reason. also, i’ve noticed that in many of the TV show cover art: some have a permanent name under the cover art (Homeland) and some have “Season 1” under the cover art (so you don’t know what show it is if the cover art is not clear) and it indicates only “Season 1” when the cursor is on it. so when the cursor is not on it, there’s nothing written under. i really wish there was a manual way to unselect metadata for a particular show and rely on the files structures on the shared drive…

james any idea why this behaviour?

How do you named the files and folders?

I have it like this:
Breaking Bad

Season 01

S01E01 - BlaBla

Infuse show it correctly.

Look here:

I have a folder with the show name. Inside I have folders with seasons like Season 1 etc and inside I have the show name with info like

Homeland S01E01…

One of the first things you need to consider is what protocol you are using to connect to your storage - it makes a difference to the way Infuse behaves.

I use smb. Before i used afp but it’s not available anymore. My movies are on an external hard drive connected to an iMac.

Still have issues with metadata. In addition some shows don’t appear at all.

I’m having issues with an SMB connection too. In my case, everything on my NAS seem to be present, but most of my TV shows are not using my folder.jpg files and my entire collection is being sorted into two separate groups for some reason. What I mean is: in the same TV shows favourite, one group is listed from A to Z, and then a second group are listed under these from A to Z. Its very odd and I can’t work out why, but I hope Firecore are doing something to address this in an early update after the app is listed on the app store.