Metadata not working

I have enabled metadata but it is not retrieving any data.

Please advise.


Same problem here. Should I make anything in order to “switch metadata retrieving on”?

I have a spainsh at2 selection, but even if I choose it to english, no metadata retrieved as well.

Thanks in advance.

Try the new version of Media Player (0.7.1) that was released today.

If you’re still having trouble please file a bug report so we can look into it:

Thanks James for your time. Unfortunately, after a 0.7.1 upgrade, still no metadata fetching.
It’s weird because on version 0.6 everything worked fine.

I’m going to send the bug report in orther to help.

Many thanks

James, I also did the upgrade and its still not working.



Is this happening with all files or just a few?

Can you provide a sample filename you’re having trouble with?

Also, I have to ask…you do have the ‘Metadata Fetching’ option enabled in the Media --> Settings menu right?

I have enabled the feature and its still not working on any of my files.

As an FYI, I do not run into this issue with my files when I use XBMC.




I also have enabled the Metadata Fetching option, by default is enabled I think.

Here are some examples of my movies:

  • 127 Horas [BluRay 720p x264 Dual DTS Subs][GrupoHDS]
  • Avatar (2009) [BluRay 720p x264 DTS-AC3 Dual Subs][Grupo HDS]
  • Codigo Fuente (2011) [BluRay 720p x264 DTS Dual Subs][Grupo HDS]
  • Salt [BluRay 720p x264 Dual Subs.][GrupoHDS]
  • Watchmen [BluRay 720p x264 AC3-Dts Dual-Subs][Grupo HD-Spain]


Probably you are thinking that the problem is a language issue, but this is not true because in 0.6 version metadata was fetched (in english but metadata after all).

I also noticed, with another metadata app (RoadMovie), that anything is not retrieved. All the tags are blank, except Title what is the same as filename. Xbmc scrapper for spanish movies/tvshows is FilmAffinity if it helps.

Nevertheless, in 0.6 and now 0.7.1 version, metadata didn’t work for tvshows. Here are some examples:

  • Big Bang Theory 4x01 - La Manipulacion Robotica [HDiT 720p AVC DD5.1 Dual Subs][Grupo HDS]
  • Fringe (Al limite) 3x22 - El dia de nuestra muerte [HDiT 720p h264 Dual AC3 Subs][GrupoHDS]
  • Mujeres Desesperadas 7x14 - Flashback [iTunesHD 720p h264 Ac3 Dual][GrupoHDS] 
  • Modern Family 2x24 - El que se Escapó [HDiT avc 720p Dual][Bartpablo][GrupoHDS]


Thanks a lot.