Metadata not showing

I have recently installed aTV Flash and have added a new 1.5TB hard drive via the ATV USB port. My drive has around 280 movies, all in mp4 or mov format. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the metadata info showing for my movies, and spent a long time going through them all, to no avail it seems, since not a single one shows up with any information … all I get is the usual default ‘Admit one’ cinema ticket logo.

Has anyone got any ideas what could be wrong`?

Thank you in anticipation

Andre Francis


I wish I had an answer for you but unfortunately I’m in the same boat as you. I too would like to know how to do this. From my extensive search of the forum, I have deduced that the VIDEO_TS RAW files are the best way to encode but I haven’t figured out how to get aTV Flash to identify this within the folder and pull up the meta information. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if this is just the way it is. Meta data on the Mp4s in the /Movies/ directory show up fine but not in my file structure below.

/Movies/Madagascar 2/VIDEO_TS

Any help on this would be appreciated.


I was looking in the wrong place!

All my videos are under Media/Movies … and all metadata is showing as expected.

… Andre