Metadata Not Showing/Weird Flows

I’ve been using Infuse Premium on my Apple TV for 2 years now and I love it! Hoping we can get it to the Android realm in the future winkwink*. Anyway, I’ve been having some trouble, not sure how long it’s been going on for because I really didn’t care when I first started using it. I’ve been trying to fix artwork for my TV shows recently and I’ve been noticing a problem with season folders not showing artwork. And it seems very random, I can’t find a consistent reason why.

I have everything on my server and the file structure is Infuse>TV Shows (to catch up on)>Show Name>Season X>ShowName.SxxExx.mkv. Sometimes the individual episodes are in folders under the season (Season x>ShowName.SxxExx>ShowName.SxxExx.mkv). I don’t always have every season, only the ones I’m working to finish so I can save space.

It seems to be that whenever each individual episode is in their own episode folder, there is an extra screed added to the flow. For example:
File Structure: Manifest>Season 1>Manifest.S01E03.mkv
Flow: Manifest>Season 1 (without artwork)>Season 1 (with artwork)>Manifest.S01E03.mkv

To me it seems like a small bug, because it recognizes the episodes, but it adds an unnecessary screen with no artwork to the flow. This does not occur when I have multiple episodes of multiple TV shows in the same folder, each in their own episode folder. (Sitcoms>ShowName.SxxExx>ShowName.SxxExx.mkv)

Any thoughts? Thank you for such a great product!

Can you try browsing these shows using the Library to see if things are better? Generally, the library will provide a much smoother and more consistent browsing experience, especially for TV shows.

A bit more info on setting up and using the Library can be found here.