Metadata Not Matching Correctly

Hi James,

I’m seeing issues with Metadata not matching correctly on some movies. The movie Max (2015) is erroneously matching Mad Max: Fury Road (2015. The movie The Fugitive (1993) is erroneously matching Going Underground (1993). The Grey (2011) is erroneously matching up to Grey Matter (2011). The Fall (2006) is erroneously matching Heavens Fall (2006). The Holiday (2006) is erroneously matching Holiday (2006). To the Wonder (2012) is erroneously matching The Legendary Pink Dots: 9 Lives To Wonder (2012). The Day (2011) is erroneously matching One Day (2011).

Just to name a few… I in no way expect perfection, but I am seeing more issues from Infuse than I would like.


Are you including the year in the filename by chance? At least in a few cases, it looks like the year listed may be incorrect which could be responsible for the results you are seeing.

For example.

The Grey was released in 2012 (, and To the Wonder was released in 2013 (

Additionally, we’re using the default sorting provided by TMDb, which is usually pretty good, but isn’t perfect. For example, the top result when searching for ‘Max’ is ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ - adding the year won’t help in this case since they’re both 2015 releases.

In cases like these, it’s relatively easy to select the correct title manually by using the Edit button found on details page.