Metadata Not Found - Infuse Incorrectly Searching the Movie Database

I am having trouble getting metadata for the TV show “Scrubs”. It’s not automatically finding it, and when I manually search for it I cannot find it. As I understand it Infuse uses…which I know has Scrubs in it. When I manually search it’s clear that all the options are movies, so it seems like the naming convention of my files is leading Infuse to think that the files are movies…it’s searching the wrong database and coming up with wrong metadata for each file.

However, I’m sure I’m using an acceptable naming convention. Here’s a few different conventions I’ve tried, none have worked:

Scrubs S01E01
Scrubs s07e02 - My Hard Labor
Scrubs/Season 1/Scrubs - S02E01 - My Overkill

No matter what I try, it’s searching the movie database.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I just created a test file in the following format and if found the correct metadata and artwork on it’s own.

Folder name “Scrubs” sub folder name “Season 01” file name inside sub folder “Scrubs S01E01.mkv”

If you aren’t getting the correct metadata and artwork you may have to move the series folder out, let Infuse complete a scan where it shows you the last updated date and then return the series folder with the above naming fixed before you move it back and see if it doesn’t find it.


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Thanks. The only thing I can see that I’m doing differently is the file format. My files are mp4. That shouldn’t matter, should it?

No, that should be fine. If you’ve tried to do an edit after renaming the files and it didn’t find the right one then you may have to do what I posted above. Drag the series out of the share, let Infuse complete a scan, then return it and start a new scan. Sometimes Infuse caches the data and it doesn’t refresh it until a new file is detected.

Still didn’t work. I remove all files from the share and rescanned. Then added one season into the share. All files are in a folder named “Scrubs”, then a subfolder named Season 01, then files are named: “Scrubs S01E01”, “Scrubs S01E02”, etc.

Still just a mess of random metadata that looks like it’s coming from the movie database.

Screenshot attached.

I also tried removing all cached metadata. Everything except these Scrubs files came back normal.

Solved: It turns out that while the file names were fine, if you go into the details section of the properties for each file the name in there was only the name of the episode itself. For instance, the file name might be “Scrubs S01E01”, but the title in the details section of the properties was “My First Day”. Looks like this is where the metadata is pulling from.

You must have “Embedded Metadata” enabled in Settings which means that Infuse uses the metadata/images (if present) embedded in the video files in preference to fetching it online. I think most people leave this option disabled because it actually makes infuse’s scans slower and as you have found often the information is wrong.

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Thanks for catching that! I guess I had brain fade on that one. I forgot about the embedded metadata setting since I too turned it off from day one and haven’t had a reason to monkey with it.


Sorry I missed that yesterday geli7 !

Did that fix your problems?

One more question…is it possible to have the name of each show as the root folder on Infuse, rather than the seasons? For instance, I’ve found that the best setup for me is to just dump all video files into the share’s root directory…so if I dump every file from every season of Scrubs into the root directory, as long as the file names are proper (S01E01, etc) when I turn on Infuse I see a separate folder with proper metadata for each season of Scrubs. When I click into a given season, I see all the episodes with all the proper metadata.

But I’d rather turn on Infuse and see just one folder for Scrubs instead of one for each season, and then click into that main folder to find the seasons in their separate folders. I can’t seem to do this. I typically title the folder “Scrubs”, then Season 01, then all files.

Is there a proper convention that would result in the files on Infuse being organized by Show Name, with the seasons underneath?

If you browse using the library it should work just that way. If you go to TV Shows in library it should be in alpha order.