Metadata not found for The Stand 2020

I’m having problems with metadata fetching on TV shows.
The Stand 2020 Series is currently sitting in my “Other” folder. When manualy editting/searching metadata nothing is found. So looke at editting an existing series (Family Guy) and when searching this also failed to find the title? TVOS and IOS
Is this a TVDb issue?

I have the same issue with different show.
Yesterday, everything was fine for the same show, but different season (the same naming convention).
There is no problem when Infuse recognizes the episode automatically when scanning the disk.

The series name for the the stand 2020 should be “The Stand 2020” for the series folder and with episode names like “The Stand 2020 S01E01.mkv”

The original series should be series folder “The Stand” with episode names like “The Stand S01E01.mkv”

Both of theses naming convictions work flawlessly for me.

I am picking any existing episode of any show (I checked several randomly) and pushing edit.
There is no suggestion of the show below previously assigned.
When I am starting to type the name of the show, nothing is being suggested as well.
For the movies all works like usual - when I am starting to type name of the movie there is bunch of suggested titles.
As I wrote earlier, I had no such issue with TV shows 2 days ago.

TheTVDB Search API is currently out of business. They are working on it.

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Thanks movie_lover

TVDB API should be back now.