Metadata not found for movie

I have the Korean movie called Forgotten from 2017, used to be identified just fine but now doesn’t show on the search results to add the metadata. It does show on TMDb if you search for it however.

Any ideas?

Can you provide how you have the file named?

It is simply Forgotten. If I edit the result to do a search, then forgotten does not show the Korean movie but several other movies.

Is it possible to make a reference in the filename for the TMDb reference?

So no year, resolution, source, file type, etc. just the word “Forgotten” is the complete file name?

It’s a BDMV file in a folder called forgotten. If I can’t search it when editing the metadata, I’m not sure how the filename would affect this as it could be called qwerty.mkv but I identify it as a movie called forgotten when searching.

The movie called forgotten from 2017 does not show up in infuse search results.


Well, I just tried naming a test file “Forgotten 2017.mkv” and while it didn’t automatically pick the the correct movie, when doing an edit the correct one was available in the choices so you may want to change the folder name from Forgotten to Forgotten 2017 and then try the edit metadata.