Metadata Not Displaying Writers and Taglines / Subtitle Downloads

I'm having a problem  with Media Player not properly updating some of my movie metadata files.  I'm  reloading metadata  to display "writers" instead of "producers" per the new ATV release.  But when I  "Reload Metadata", some movies still display "producers" instead of  "writers", although the "writer" information is in my  xml files.  I've tried reloading several times but it refuses to display the writer info.  The xml and movie file have the same name, so that's not the problem. All the movie information displays correctly except the writer info.  Is someone else have the same problem and found a solution?


I'm also having problems displaying taglines from my xml files.  In my xml files I'm coding tagline information as :

          <tagline>"sample tagline information"</tagline>,    but Media Player is not showing my tagline info.  Is this the correct  syntax for displaying tagline info in xml files?


I would also like to include srt files for some on my movies that don't have subtitles.  Is there a site that I can download english tv and movie subtitles? 


I know I'm asking a lot of questions but any assistance will be greatly appreciated.   Thanks.

Yes have same problem with metadata to.

Can’t change writer or release date.

Thanks for your reply. I thought it may be something that I was doing wrong.

The support for XML files is pretty limited right now, so some fields can’t be overridden (Writers, tagline, etc…).

We’re planning to improve this for a future version, but don’t yet have an ETA as to when it may be available.

That’s fine, I can wait for the future update. I thought I was doing something wrong or there were errors in my template. I kept checking but could not find any errors, so your explanation makes sense.

Ok great. I’ll be sure to update this thread once I have any kind of ETA available.

Hi James,


did you still working on that? Would be nice to use local xml-Files and found the Movies and TV-Shows

on the right place in the Library.

thank you