Metadata not changing episode names

I have a 4.4.4 and a 5.1.1 apple tv 2… When im using the 5.1.1 and watching a tv show off of my network ex. True Blood…I have in each folder audio_ts and video_ts inside a folder called True Blood S01 E01 and so on…for each folder. All ready pressed select and changed from movies to tv shows on main folder. When you pull it up on 5.1.1 it shows the same folder as how I made it on my network. True Blood S01 E01 and so on and never change to the name of the show (Pilot) so on. The Metadata does find the name and put in everything else for me but wont change the True Blood S01 E01 to the name of the show on 5.1.1 where you press it to with to enter your show or movie. Running it upstairs on my other apple tv using 4.4.4 and it shows the True Blood S01 E01 for maybe 2 seconds then change all the episodes to the name of the show. Just wondering if this is being worked on on 5.0. Or if this is just a problem that im having. Thank You . I made a ticket for this but no help. 


   This is how my episodes show up on 5.1.1 and on my 4.4.4 is shows the name of the episodes instead of True Blood S03 E01.  Running off the same NAS.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:218:]]This is how is shows up on my 4.4.4 Apple TV…The correct way off the same NAS.  How do I fix my 5.1.1 to look just like this one?

Check that the setting Media → Settings → General → Show File Extensions is set to No

You should also check that the type of the folder is set to TV when you hold own the OK button on the remote while positioned on the folder.


Thanks remotevisitor, It was something that simple.  Dont know why it was on yes…must be by default on the new 1.5.1 flash black release cause didnt have to mess with that before but thank you both.  

I made a ticket since the May 22 on this and got nothing and put it on here and got it fixed in 2 days.