Metadata not being imported

Hi all,

New to both this forum and Sapphire.

I had some files on my NAS which were imported correctly.

But many was not and they were suggested as being movies so I skipped them.

Now I have renamed some of them.

For example I have renamed one “battlestar.galactica.s04e03.m4v”.

Now when I try to use the function “Import all data” is still suggests that the battlestar galactica episodes are movies.

Also it skips some of them automatically.

What is going on?

I had some similar issues with Star Trek Episodes. The solution that worked for me was to name the episode isusing TV Rages episode number convention then only import TV data instead of import all. Use Battlestar.Gallactica.1x01.m4v instead of Go to the Tv rage web site and note the episode number. After importing, it grabbed the correct metafile. After Battlestar.Gallactica you have imported tv data correctly, you should be able to import using import all. Mine is working very well now.
Good luck