Metadata not available: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1996

When trying to edit metadata for the 1996 series Buffy the Vampire Slayer there are only results for the 1992 movie.

Is this a bug or is the information really not available?

I can’t fetch any subtitles if the metadata isn’t set correctly.

How do you have the files named? Could you provide an example.

But why should it matter? When I select edit metadata I can input Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

To be recognized as a tv show Infuse needs to see the season/episode format in the naming such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer S01E01.mkv”

Without that it looks at the movie database site for searches.
You can find more on file naming for metadata here Metadata 101 – Firecore

Ah, thanks that solved it!

May I suggest adding the option of a filter for movies/series in the metadata search screen?


Hello, there,
if you own a Mac. I use “filebot” to rename large quantities (and also single) series and movies into a uniform filename format. It’s expensive, I know, but it takes a lot of work, so the working time is worth it again.

Edit: I just saw that it’s also available for Windows

I’ve just stuck all my Buffy files onto my NAS and InFuse is not fetching the metadata properly and sorting into seasons.
All episodes are named like this:

Also have a similar problem with my Angel TV shows too, named like this
Angel.S01E01.City.Of.Angels + C.mkv

Every other TV show i have gets picked up fine and sorted into the relevant seasons

Just a side note, it’s probably better to start a new thread rather than add to a thread that is nearly 2 years old and marked as solved. So much changes between versions that your problem may be totally different and won’t get as much viewing as a new thread.

What happens when you do an Edit Metadata on one of the problem episodes?

Do you have each seasons episodes in a different folder and labeled as Season 01, Season 02 etc?

Sorry about that, just did a search and didn’t really pay attention to the date of the posts, will check in future :slight_smile:

When I do Edit Metadata it says Nothing Found, no matches found for this file

All season episodes are in a different folder called Season 1, Season 2 yes

Just a test, could you force quit Infuse and then restart it and try the edit metadata again and see if it finds some matches?

Seriously DOH moment I think
I did a restart of Infuse but not joy
Just renamed the folder to Season 01 rather than Season 1 and everything has now sprung into life. Mentioning the folder names prompted me to try that so thank you very much :slight_smile:

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