Metadata name duplication issues

I’m using my cloud as a source for my tv shows and my issue started when I tried to edit the show metadata …

I’ve two shows one is a BBC Documentary (Life 2009) and the other one a TV Show (Life 2007), When I edit one and select the name with the correct year the other one gets changed also, Is there any way around that?

My Specs:
Infuse: Alpha 10
macOS: Big Sur 11.3 Beta


It appears you’ll want to name the files for Life 2009 as “Life S01E01.mkv” and the ones for Life 2007 as “Life 2007 S01E01.mkv”

This is one of those occasions where a TV series will need a year.

Don’t forget to label the series folder for the 2007 version also as “Life 2007”


By renaming one of the shows .mkv files (I added the year of the release) It works now without any duplications



Is there a way to manually find and select the show manually in this case?

Yes, if you select one of the episodes and choose “Edit Metadata” it may have the correct option below if not, then start typing in the show name it should offer the correct one below. Then just click on the correct one.

It’d probably still be best to rename the show to the recognized format just in case you have to rebuild your library at some point. That way you don’t have to go back and remember all the manual corrections again. Just my two cents. :wink:

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