Metadata/Movie Information Sync for Movies streamed from NAS

Is it possible to sync Metadata/Movie information for Movies streamed from NAS (or any other device)?

This is something we’re working on for an upcoming version.

Please keep us updated on that. Ideally I’d love to see the ability to add folders from my NAS and have the movies in them listed the same way files stored locally on the iPad are. Honestly I’ve been waiting for years for a program that does that on iOS. Right now the Infuse solution is no different from (and less fully featured than) FileBrowser. I’ve been using Mizuu on Android (not available on iOS) and it does exactly that…might be worth having your devs take a look at it if they need some inspiration. :slight_smile:

I really think this could end up being my go-to app that I’d recommend to everyone possible if it had that feature.

Looks like this is in as of 2.2. Awesome work, this thing is amazing!

It’s missing an option to mark as read one or more episodes / movies (since reading a NAS)