Metadata Missing


I am pretty new to Infuse and still working my way through it, but has been great so far!

The only issue I am having is that I want to add an additional genre to some movies and have tried to do so using the 101 tutorial on this site and the sample XML. Unfortunately when I do this it seems to remove the metadata relating to the movies writer, director, actors etc. and pretty much only leaves genre, description, year. The genre does update to reflect the change I wanted to make, but how do I prevent it from wiping the other metadata in the process?

To be clear an example of what I am trying to do is for the movie Coco. It onlyl has a genre of Animation, but I want to also have it under the Family genre. Below is what I am putting in the XML file (I had to remove the <> from each section as it wouldnt post with them in):

media type=“Movie”
genre Family /genre

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the forum!

Using an XML file will actually replace all metadata provided by the online databases, so you will want to be sure to add the other files as well (description, cast, etc…).

Thanks for the response.

Is there a simple way to obtain the metadata in a XML file for what is already in place? I don’t really want to manually recreate hundreds of files of metadata just to simply add a genre to them. If not it’s not really a great workaround for those coming from iTunes or conversion software like iVI where this is really simple.


Not sure what method you use to connect to your database, but you can try to use Plex.
It’s easy to add genres (and other metadata) without losing or overwriting the existing ones.