Metadata matching for series with same name

I have 2 Tv-shows…

Mission impossible (1966). and
Mission impossible (1988)

When I set the 1966 as metadata online, it shows the correct one and correct posters for all seasons.
When I set the 1988 as metadata online, it shows correct, BUT. when I go back to the 1966 it shows the posters for season 1 and 2 the seasons posters from the 1988 version.

And Vice versa…

When I set one of them to local metadata, it will not show any season at all and it will not show up in the library.

I am beginning to get madder every time is start using Infuse.

Why so many of these weird problems.

And yes before one says (have you named your artwork properly)

YES. I am using Tinymediamanager, which is the best out there. So, its an Infuse issue, nothing else!!

Just noticed that the same goes for

FATHER BROWN (2013) and

So I take it that infuse can not see the difference between tv-shows with the same title. Even if the year is also in the title.

Resume: Infuse is not suitable to handle your library as it is supposed to do.
I used Kodi, Plex, Emby… All of them handle such tvshows without any problem…


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And the same happens with. HOUSE OF CARDS…
2 Show, same name, different year… Infuse mixes everything up.

Can you provide a few examples of how you have these files organized and named?

As long as Infuse is able to distinguish between the files for series a and series b it can easily handle having multiple series with the same name.

Here’s what I’m seeing here with files named like this.

Mission Impossible 1966 S01 E01.mp4
Mission Impossible 1966 S01 E02.mp4

Mission Impossible 1988 S01 E01.mp4
Mission Impossible 1988 S01 E02.mp4

See images

All this naming was Done with the app INFUSE advised to use for naming.

tv-show.nfo has also all the correct info in it… including the year.

Adding the year to the episode filenames (for at least one version) should resolve this for you.

You mean all files in all season folders?

Cuz the main folder has year and imdb

I’ll try at the 1988 version

Correct, like in the example I posted above.

You wouldn’t need to do both 1966 and 1988, but just one of them.

Looks like that did the job, but I had to rename both shows with the year in its file name…
I 1st did only the 1988 version, it looked that worked, but then in the 1966 version, season 1 and 2 had the poster of the 1988 version.

So i renamed both and that did the job.

Just saying, nothing about this is mentioned in the online manual under the METADATA section.

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@james We definitely better management for something like this. This error is also happening with a show I’m rewatching right now called The Newsroom (HBO) and Infuse’s automatic metadata is pulling inappropriate metadata. Random adult movies.

I now have to manually go through 33 episodes one by one to edit the metadata. It’s a painstaking process.

Do note that I’m getting my content from a WedDAV which I don’t have access to (Debrid service) and therefore have no way of accessing the source files to edit file names like you suggested.

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Can you share an example of how these problematic files are named?

Are the correct titles listed on

Sorry for the late response. The show is called “The Newsroom” and yes, it does appear on tmdb. Unfortunately I don’t remember the episode name that triggered the NSFW metadata to be pulled in. The episode filenames seemed to just be the first letter of the episode title. So, for example, “boston.mkv”

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