Metadata - manual input

Some files /film are not recognised, either because they are obscure (f.x. home made or only locally released) or because the file is not labelled in a meaningfull manner.

This could be solved by an extra line under metadata selection, “Manual” which would bring up one input/textentry field.

The input would then be used for an updated metadata search as well as an extra search result/suggestion that used the input text as Title for the file /film.

PS Greeeat app :slight_smile:

We’ve though about this a bit, and are planning to add a manual search box in an upcoming version. Not sure how far off it is just yet, but rest assured it is planned.

Ah yess. Either a manual search or let us change the file name in the app so i can rename it to something that will pick up the metadata. I hate re-transferring that 2gb file because the filename has a typo.

In the short term, it is actually possible to change the filename by using iTunes.

Select the device, click the App tab, and all videos in Infuse will be listed in the ‘Documents’ section. Just double-click the video file to change the name.

Aha! Much easier, thanks! But i hope the in app options are still coming :slight_smile:

A manual metadata input or override is actually more needed in Infuse 2, because Infuse 2 does not trust/use the season/show info in the filename.

It will only group by season/show if it finds a show in the search (my interpretation)


Could we please have a short term fix, where Infuse 2 trust/use the season/show info in the filename, if no search hit is found?

Are these shows listed in at all?

We’re hoping to add folders in a future verison, which would probably be an easier way to group things together that don’t match any of the titles found online.

Hi James, is excellent, but not perfect.

I have two tv-shows, in their native language. They only exists in as the US airing of the shows, which were in a different order and of course in English.

My files are named with Sxx & Exx & original episode name, and contain metadata for the same plus episode description, actors, instructor & cover art – all in native language.

I would like that, in case Infuse failed to retrieve metadata from, that it at least displayed the metadata from the file.
This would also enable users to group their home made videos by simply naming them accordingly (f.x. for educational material etc).

Got it.

In the future it looks like we may be transistioning away from TheTVDB, and once this happens we should have more flexibility about using embedded metadata instead of trying to match what’s online.


First I want to thank you for this great app !!!

The last missing feature for me is this request: ability to edit the filename or a manual search of metadata.

(another possibility would be to have a manual search for subtitles)

This would avoid to have to plug my iPad to a PC when i am retrieving all files wirelessly.


Thank you for your great work !


is it possible that it will get the information from existing nfo metadata for people who already have theirs indexed and sorted for xbmc etc... ?

Any news on this feature? This is really annoying…


Any news on this feature? This is really annoying…


Coming soon. :)



He told “soon” !

I don’t think I’m wandering in the great unknown by supposing James will not release a new version of Infuse before iOS8GM. Considering the number of new tools this new OS offers (I’m guessing DocumentPicker and probably CloudKit here), it seems very reasonable for FireCore to wait for the stable version.