Metadata Management

Running into a series of Catch-22’s trying to manage metadata.


From reading the various posts and experimenting, I believe expected behaivor is:

  • Infuse automatically includes the filename name and from file-embedded metadata the title (only! It would be nice if it gave preference to file-embedded data when it exists)

  • If metadating fetching is set to on, Infuse will querey one of two sites or not at all - depending on whether you have flagged a directory as Movies, TV Shows, or none)


So, have encountered numerous problems, one example which expresses all:


The PBS series Carrier from a few years ago… Getting the series preview to behave as expected is proving impossible. Filename is Carrier.Specials.Episode3.m4v. Problems:

  1. Video is categorized as “Other” not “TV Shows” even though the its parent directory is flagged as TV Shows

  2. Autolookup for metadata returns nothing


Tried to manually tinker around. Accessed, modified the meta_tvshow table. The modified file is then automatically overwritten by the pre-modified version. Cannot for the life of me figure out where a live cache is running.


Any ideas on resolving greatly appreciated.