Metadata lookup failure

The Show: David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities.

It can’t be found on TheTVDB, but it is present on TMDB, and Trakt can find it as well. What’s going wrong?


It’s there on thetvdb

What is the exact file name your using?

I’ve searched for David Attenborough and it didn’t show this. I figure the filename is to blame so I pressed down and chose edit metadata from the menu. Typing “David Attenborough’s n” ended up in “Nothing Found! No matches for this file.”…

I knew Trakt had found it and they didn’t link to TVDB.

Searching TVDB for “David Attenborough” showed one entry, “Natural Curiosities” found a bunch of others, but not this one…

The filename by the way is David.Attenboroughs.Natural.Curiosities.Series.3.1of6.Impossible.Feats.mp4. As it doesn’t conform to S03E01 I figured the name was to blame, so I tried it by hand…

If you rename the file to “David.Attenboroughs.Natural.Curiosities.S03E06.Impossible.Feats.mp4” it should work fine.

Change the rest to that format and it should all be good.

Still, “Edit Metadata” does not find it. I do take it that when I type in “David Attenborough’s N” it should be found…

I renamed the file and I will let it scan for itself. See what happens.

After you change the file name you can then go back and do the “edit metadata” and it should pop up with the right info. The file will appear to be a movie without the season and episode in the right place (as in where there is not a S01E01 immediately after the series name) and then it won’t look at thetvdb for a tv series, it looks in and only looks for movies to match it with.

That explains it! Thanks

This is because once Infuse “thinks” a media item might be a movie or TV show, it will lock in the metadata suggestions to what it thought was the correct source, and bar you from getting suggestions from the other. In other words, if Infuse thinks your episode of TV is a movie, then no matter what you type, you will only ever get movie suggestions; the reverse is also true. I describe this in detail here ([BUG] TV show episodes appear in Movies library), and I do think it needs to be addressed.

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