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Hello again.

I hope everyone’s feeling good!

I noticed another strange behavior:

In Infuse my metadata language is set to GERMAN, but Infuse sometimes fetches ENGLISH or NO LANGUAGE backdrops from TMDB even if there is at least one GERMAN backdrop available. I do have this e.g with:

  • I am Legend
  • The Expendables

and some others.
(Audio and subtitle is also set to GERMAN)

Any information or workaround about that?


It appears that on the first one, I am legend, there is no german backdrop I Am Legend (2007) - Backdrops — The Movie Database (TMDb)

On the Second one, while there is one backdrop in German have you done an Edit Metadata on that file and selected the correct movie again to refresh it?

Thank you for your very fast reply!

Yes, I did refresh THE EXPENDABLES several times. I am doing nothing else for about two weeks now for a lot of my movies.

I also registered on TMDB and uploaded some images. For a hand full that is working - for some (THE EXPENDABLES, …) it’s not.
Some images were available in Infuse 1hr after upload, some 1d.

Some of my uploaded images are gone again - for whatever reason…

Very very annoying what’s going on there on TMDB. A couple weeks ago everything was perfect.

How does Infuse fall back if there isn’t a GERMAN media?

Sometimes when there is no GERMAN and NO LANGUAGE and ENGLISH I’ll get BULGARIAN…

I know it can be frustrating but sometimes it takes a little time for the changes to get spread to all of their servers. I don’t know what’s going on over there but they’re doing a ton of editing for artwork. I think they are trying to get rid of artwork that doesn’t meet the size specifications and also I’ve seen some they deleted that said it was for one language but the actual poster was in a different language so their changing languages on some and deleting others.

As to the order if your preferred language is not available I think it’s what ever has the highest rating or if not rated maybe the newest? I’m not sure on much of that other than I know there has to be voo doo involved at times. :wink:

Ok. I’ll try to be patient.

DER PLAN is another example:

GERMAN backdrop available (for about 1,5 weeks), but Infuse fetches CATALAN… again and again … ??‍♂️

Just out of curiosity, what is your iOS device set on for language? If it’s set for German you may want to set Infuse to Auto instead of German and see if there’s some strange selecting going on just for fun.

My devices are also set to German.
Do you think that makes any difference?

I’ll give it a try …

It’s mostly curiosity on my part, mine ATV is set for English and I have Infuse set for Auto and it seems to be darn near bullet proof with selecting the right artwork. But with the way TMDB has been cleaning house it may not matter.

Normally, Infuse will fetch no language backdrops, but in some cases it will prefer highly rated backdrops that have a tagged language.

In this case the top-rated backdrop overall was the Catalan version, which is a bit strange to see.

I’ve just added a few votes myself, and the top-rated backdrop is now the no language version, so this should be available in Infuse shortly.

It’s clear now!
Thank both of you very much.

Does NCBullseye‘s suggestion make any difference?

In my opinion the selected language should be fix?!

I’ll have metadata language set to German for years.

Is AUTOMATIC better?

The Auto setting will simply allow Infuse to match the language your device is set to.

If your device is set to German, having the language set to Auto or German will be the same.

This setting is mainly used for those who want to have their device set to a different language than the metadata. IE All menus in German, but have metadata in English.

Thank you very much for clearing up that fast!
Can be marked as solved!

Have a nice evening.

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