Metadata language setting for each Favourite

This feature request comes from the following posts:

I have 6TB movies, few hundreds in English, few hundreds in other language such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean. I would like to have metadata in their original language.

In the post Multi-languages Metadata, @stefanb.2941 actually gave a workaround, you change infuse global language setting for metadata, and Edit the movies.

So if my default language is English, all movies metadata will be fetched in English.
Then I have to change to Chinese, and manually open every Chinese movies, Edit to get Chinese metadata
Then I change to Japanese, and manually edit every Japanese movies to get new metadata…


And if unfortunately your metadata database is corrupted, you have to reinstall Infuse like 4.2, "recently watched" no longer listed on home page?, you have to repeat above again…

So I am just thinking, can you make each favourite has its own metadata language setting, so I don’t need to manually edit them again.


Hmm interesting idea.

One thing that may be a bit quicker in the interim is to do something like this.

  1. Set desired language for Favorite 1.
  2. Add Favorite 1.
  3. Change to desired language for Favorite 2.
  4. Add Favorite 2.
  5. Etc…

Can you add meta data language setting as Favorite property?