Metadata language issue

Don’t know since which version, Infuse started auto-refreshing metadata again! This brought 2 issues:

  1. Posters keep getting refreshed. This is unnecessary, waste storage and bandwidth. Also TMDB regularly deletes Posters, I can always find some movies’ cached Posters are gone and TMDB didn’t have correct Posters for them. I had to find Posters from Internet and upload to NAS…

  2. Worst ever, when Infuse auto-refreshed Metadata, it simply got metadata based on global metadata language setting regardless of the cached metadata language of the movie. for example, if I have a Favorite that has movies all in Chinese metadata (spent hours here to edit one by one), when global metadata language is English and I browsed this Favorite, all movies got refreshed with English metadata… Hundreds of movies there, you can imagine how frustrated I was when this happened again and again.

I suggested few years ago, to have Metadata language setting for every Favorite so that I don’t need to switch global metadata language setting backwards and forwards. Unfortunately it never brought your attention, In fact Infuse team never bothered by any non English language suggestions, they probably only watched English movies, unable to understand where those ‘strange’ requirements came from…

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I don’t have the language issue but I don’t care at all for the auto refresh they just added. It is distracting and annoying to have my posters constantly changing while I am browsing. I can no longer recognize posters anymore they are changing so often. Probably like 10% every time I browse. Please turn this off and even better yet, bring artwork to iCloud.


Infuse has been automatically updating info and artwork for TV series for quite some time (out of necessity since new episodes are always being added), and recent versions of Infuse will do this for movies as well. This allows Infuse to automatically update the cached info/artwork when updates are added at TMDb. TMDb did go through a round of housekeeping earlier this which caused some issues with artwork, but the content has been filling in nicely since then and with these automatic updates Infuse would be able to self-heal if something similar ever happens again.

After Infuse does its first round of updates you may see more posters than normal change, but this will be less frequent as time goes on.

We’ve also recently started caching title-specific metadata language selections (6.4.6 for TV shows, and 6.5 for movies) so any edits put in after installing these versions would be synced to iCloud, and saved forever.

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Doesn’t Infuse gather the metadata when you add new tv episodes? I’m a little slow on understanding why it has to be automatic if it fetching new data when we add an episode.

True, but wouldn’t that also mean it would grab anything bad that might get pushed there? I know that the artwork cleanup most likely won’t happen very often but if it does then will infuse start clearing out all of the artwork because tmdb removed it?

Yes, but there are cases where people add videos to their library before the complete info is listed on TheTVDB.

In theory, yes.

However, in our experience the data on TMDb has always improved over time, so if a bad piece of info does pop up, it will soon be corrected and replaced with better info. Posters are based off a rating system, so it’s unlikely a newly added poster would overtake a quality poster as the top choice.

Anecdotally, when this update process was first added and I watched Infuse do it’s update for the first time with my own library, a number of posters did change but they were all improvements over what was there before.

Makes sense, how often will Infuse “touch” a series looking for changes? Is there a set number of series it checks each time or a specific percentage of the library?

True there were improvements but with so many changed I can’t quantify that specifically.

I am still seeing posters constantly changing, though. It might be because there are two good ones and with the rating it keeps going back and forth between them as people are voting?? This also makes infuse keep switching. Can you update the posters at a different time instead of while I am browsing through? I guess I’m not sure what triggers the update. Is it just always checking everything for an update or only when I show the item in my library?

Infuse checks once per day for changes.

This is where all messiness came from, give a scenario:

  1. Install infuse v6.5 for example.
  2. Change global metadata language to English
  3. Add a Favorite that contains hundreds of English movies
  4. Browse this favorite, Infuse auto download English metadata for them, there is no edit here so language selection won’t be saved.
  5. Change global meta data language to Chinese.
  6. Add a new favorite that contains hundreds of Chinese movies
  7. Browse the new favorite, infuse auto download Chinese metadata. Again, there is no edit here, language selection won’t be saved.
  8. Do the same for favorite for Japanese.
  9. Now I have different favorites in different metadata language, when global metadata language is English, it will change metadata in Chinese favorite and Japanese favorite if I browse them; if global is Chinese, it will change when browsing English and Japanese favorites.
  10. It is because infuse only remembers metadata language when a movie is edited. Unless I edit every single movie in my movie collection, or I check what current global metadata language is before I want to browse any favorite… what a terrible user experience!

So it will check all TV series and movies once a day for changes? That could be a lot of traffic for larger collections wouldn’t it?

@james do you have any solution for this?

Today English movies got refreshed with Chinese language again because family member browsed English favorite while global metadata language setting is Chinese, 3 times in one week! I can’t tell everyone in the house, make sure metadata language is same as the favorite they want to browse!

Can you withdraw v6.5 and republish v6.4? This v6.5 is really annoyed.

This also annoys me. I have the metadata default to english, but for some of my movies, I want metadata and cover in my native language Danish. I change the metadata to danish and fetch the metadata again for those movies I want i native language. I then change metadata back to english.

With this setup, I can now experience, that my native language metadata gets overwritten again in english, so I have to manually do it all over again. Thats not very user friendly.

@james does Infuse have any plan for it?

I am trying to teach everyone who uses Infuse that, please change Setting / Metadata Language to English/Japanese/Chinese before you browse the English/Japanese/Chinese Favourite… it is not fun at all!