Metadata language/desription mismatch

Dear Community !

I found today a strange issue on all my devices (2xApple TV, iOS, iPad…) with most recent versions of operating systems and Infuse.

I have a local share (as favourite on “desktop” and in library) and remote share (only as favourite on “desktop”).

I didnt touched anything (using Infuse PRO for years) but suddenly the Movie title and Movie description text has different languages. Title is in language i prefer (foreign), but description is in English. It appeared on random titles. I gave a try and edit metada for one movie on mentioned share, but it didnt replaced the existing one, since on search/popup screen is metadata shown in correct language ! Of course i erased all metadata and let them download again. Result is the same = on local share are title and description languages are the same/choosen one, on remote share is the title in correct language but description in English. Since im using this setup long enough, i know that everything and everywhere was “like it should be”, so everywhere was the same language visible.

Can you help me please, what could be the issue ?

Thank you !

Are you able to provide a few example titles you are seeing this with, and the language(s) you are using?

Do you have any NFO or XML files stored near these videos?

Also, can you check to see if the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option is enabled in Infuse > Settings > General?

Hi @james !

Thank you very much for your reply !

The “Embedded metada was/ is OFF” , since i always used online metadatas. What i found out, is fact that the mentioned “mixture” of languages&mismatch is present only on titles which has some “.nfo” file in the folder. I posted a screenshot from metadata editor, where “.nfo” file is found by App, but not choosen. Despite this, “.nfo” file is used and visible as movie description. Im using Infuse and library like this untouched at least a year, this “change” appeared only since yesterday. No idea what happened. Just to be sure, i turned off iCloud sync on all my devices, deleted manually all datas from iCloud connected to Infuse, deleted all metadatas from all devices and let them pull again. The result was the same. After your reply, i searched for “.nfo” for below listed title, deleted, and called again the metadata editor to re-select the correct. After that this one title changed its “look” to correct one. It looks like Infuse somehow ignores since yesterday on all my devices (tvOS, iOS, iPadOS) the “Embedded metadata OFF” option, however i didnt touched it (also not accidentally toggled on/off). Never experienced this till now. Can i do anything else please to correct this withot searching, deleting the “.nfos” and re-selecting the metadata please ?

Thank you very much for your assistance James !

If there are NFO files present Infuse will always use the data from these to override the details downloaded from TMDB. Selecting the NFO in the edit metadata screen specifically would use the details from the NFO only, and not fetch anything from TMDB (including artwork).

The 7.6.2 update fixed a bug with some NFO files which prevented the plot/overview field from appearing at all. So, I have a feeling these titles may have been showing an empty plot field for you in previous versions, and it may have gone unnoticed since the language wasn’t different (since it was missing).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to ignore these NFO files in the current version, so if you don’t want this info being used your best option would be remove or relocate these NFO files. I know on Mac you can limit search to a folder, and typing ‘.nfo’ inito the search field should allow you to see all nfo files contain in a folder (and subfolders). If you are able to see this, then you should be able to drag them all at once to the trash to remove them.

Thank you James !
This is really strange… since my opinion was, that with Embedded Metadata OFF, and Metadata Fetching ON are used only metadatas from TMDB, and “nfos” are ignored. This was how it worked or was visible for me till now, till 7.6.2 update, since the “nfos” were in those folders till now also, but every metadata was correctly pulled and used only the online informations… So if its really like you mentioned (and it is for sure like this :slight_smile: ), i have to vote for some “ignore local metadata” option :slight_smile:

Thank you James once again !

There is a suggestion thread you can follow/support here.

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