Metadata keeps reverting to online

I have a few folders set to “Local metadata” on a share - I put there home videos, youtube downloads, etc.
Very often, some items get online metadata (which is totally irrelevant btw), which they should not
To revert to local metadata, I have to first select “online metadata” then “local metadata”.

I suspect there is some suncing going on that could be the issue, but this also happens for a folder which, AFAIK, is only part of the library on my Apple TV (and not on Macs, iPhones and iPads), where metadata is set to local for that folder.

Any idea o nhow to further diagnose this (I am not sure a diagnostic made at a random time would help).

Thanks in adavnce :slight_smile:

Does this only happen for videos added after you set the folder to local so the other videos are still local but it fetches for newly added?

No. It happens to videos which have been there for months.
Just 2 videos in a folder with 170+ items. Weird.
I manually chose to use embedded metadata for each of those 2 and will see what happens.

Embedded may cause you issues since that will look internal to the actual file for metadata and I believe it will also use fetched from TMDB. I’d suggest sticking with local.

If you could share the file names of the two files that are causing problems maybe there’s a clue as to why their being trouble makers.

I just did it now so that is not what caused the issue.
Further more, when editing metadata for a single file, I only have one not-online choice: “Utiliser les métadonnées intégrées” in French, which should to translate to “Use embedded metadata”

Did that give you what you wanted to see for those 2? If it’s just 2 files would creating a nfo file for those two be an acceptable solution for the time being? It does seem strange that Infuse would after a period of time just fetch metadata for files in a “local” folder/directory.

Let us know if it does the same thing for the ones you just set to embedded.