Metadata Keeps Clearing

I have this annoying issue with the pro version. Since few months ago, once in every few days the library metadata and watched dashboard gets cleared and I have to let the aTV work all night to refetch the metadata.
I contacted the support and they blamed the remaining storage on my aTV.
I deleted almost all apps on my aTV and the issue remained so this is not the root cause.
Please help.
I’m a step away from canceling my subscription.


I have exactly the same issue. Happens every time there’s an os update or an Infuse update. Very little installed on device.

What other apps do you have installed?

We have received reports from a few users that show some apps (like Channels) can burn up a ton of space with their cached videos. This, in turn, causes the Apple TV to trigger its low space warning, which can lead to cached info being removed in Infuse. Unfortunately this purging is something controlled by tvOS, and something apps like Infuse cannot prevent from happening.

FWIW, from what we have observed, this low space behavior starts to occur once the Apple TV gets above 20GB used (32GB model).

Not sure what is causing your issues but keep in mind, it’s not necessarily the number of apps loaded on the ATV, it is how much temp space each uses at any given time. Some people have found that the screen savers that are downloaded frequently cause this issue. Others have found individual apps that eat up available space rapidly and then go back to normal.

First thing I’d try is to disable the scheduled update of the ATV screen savers. Others have found this to help.

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I have very little else on the device. It’s used pretty much just for Infuse. But obviously I can’t see how much space is used.

I have a reasonably large library and it takes infuse a couple of hours to re-populate. Then I have to go back and modify the things that it’s gotten wrong and reset the button images.

Do you have iCloud Sync enabled? If so, Infuse should be saving your manual corrections and favorite artwork and restoring them automatically. More info on this can be found here. iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

If this happens again, can you send in a report and open a support ticket?

I do have cloud sync on but it only seems to remember the network shares.

I’ve deleted the app, it’s re-populating the library. Will see how that goes and post diagnostic info if it happens again. Thanks

Sounds good.

One thing to keep in mind is Infuse fetches/restores info in phases…so while it’s fetching you may see incorrect or missing data but those things will be filled in with the correct info once Infuse completes its scan.

Every now and then I’m welcomed by the message “Your meta-data was cleared! Scanning…”
This is not appreciated as you might guess. especioally if you took the time to fiddle around to trick Infuse first scan everything in english and then do a case by case rescan in swedish to get proper local content in local language.

Why is this happening? Why can I not be asked to approve that? I have the smaller ATV4 (is it 32 GB?), will I avoid this is I buy one with large memory?

Why is this not happening for other apps? like Netflix etc…

I moved your post to a thread discussing this issue and it has some answers and suggestions. :wink:

So this thread is about 4 years old. My issues started on version 7. So are there new issues here? Why don’t other apps have the same problem?

Yes, a 64GB will most likely solve the issue. The thing is that other apps are downloading or streaming things on the fly. Infuse caches all of the metadata so it is always ready every time it loads. The problem is that no one can control when the Apple TV decided you don’t have enough space. It is most likely another apps usage that causes infuse to get cleared.

In 7.3.5, we added an option to disable image pre-caching for normal share types (this was previously only available for media server apps like Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin).

With this option disabled you can avoid caching images on Apple TV, and Infuse will just download them on-the-fly from TMDB, as needed.

This will reduce the on-device storage used by Infuse, which may help - however, it will not affect storage for other apps, so the issue may persist if you have other apps which are asking for a large amount of cache storage space from tvOS.

Where do I find that option? I checked under settings but couldn’t find it.

By the way, my meta-data amounts to 386 MB, about 1% of my 32 GB, I can’t see why it needs to be cleared.

It will be listed under the settings for each share (can keep enabled on some shares, but not others…if you prefer).

There is likely another app that is using much more storage, and tvOS decides to clear out data from any app that is not currently active. In this case, Infuse could have 3MB or 3GB and the data would still be cleared.