Metadata Issues

I am new to Infuse but have purchased the full version to use on my Apple TV4.

I connect this to a NAS that I also use with my WD TV Live media player. I have used a custom program called WDTVHubGen that downloaded a .jpg tile for the cover and also a .xml that contains all of the metadata. This works perfectly on my WD media player but with Infuse it is only working on about 1% of movies.

I have split the movies up into 9 directories. Within each directory there are about 300 movies, each label with: movie name year quality audio.extension. For example:
Monster House 2006 m1080p AC3.jpg - movie cover art
Monster House 2006 m1080p AC3.mkv - actual movie
Monster House 2006 m1080p AC3.xml - file metadata

If I edit the metadata on the ones that don’t work then I can find the correct information, but I have a lot of movies and don’t want to manually go through each one. All of the TV show work 100%, so that is weird.

I have checked out the Metadata 101 information and the .xml file looks the same as in those instructions. Some of the movies that work are the same as the ones that don’t.

Is there a way of working out what is wrong with the ones that don’t work and correcting these without the need of editing each one separately.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.