Metadata issues for tv shows slowness/not found please read

It sounds like thetvdb may be having issues again with their database. They are aware of the slowness and are working on it and also reports of not finding metadata.

Please give it a few days to see if they can get it worked out. You may have to try an edit metadata to get the new info to load.

A quick update, thetvdb is still working on stabilizing the API and things should start to improve. Keep checking on the edit metadata and hopefully everything should be back to normal soon.

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it appears that i am only having this issue on my AppleTv 4k (running the newest infuse) where as my older apple Tv is working fine and is fetching the metadata perfectly

Update 3-16-20

Things should be getting close to normal. They have been tuning the API a bit and the slowness or lack of metadata for TV shows should be getting better.

Still no improvements om my ATV 4K. Can’t find any show

Try a restart on the ATV and see if that helps.

Thanks, that reboot did it for me!

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Fixed it for me too.

Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Is there a problem with this again? I just updated from 5 pro to 6 pro and the fetching of metadata for tv shows just does not work.

Have you tried a restart of the ATV?

Yes, several times.

Not for sure just yet but TheTVDB may be experiencing a few hiccups today (April 4th) so we’ll have to give them a bit to get the train back on the tracks.

Sorry for the hassles. :slight_smile:

It appears that the mods at theTVDB are aware of the problem are and digging into it.

Oh, ok. And I just deleted the app to see if a reinstall would help :confused:

Thanks for checking though, did they give any timeframe for solving the problems?

Unfortunately no, they are usually fairly responsive but given it’s the weekend and throw in a global pandemic and I guess we’ll have to play the waiting game.

You can follow the thread over there here - Login

You can also check the Infuse API status here which is referenced at the bottom of most of the Infuse web pages under Links “Status”

FYI, the status of thetvdb (and the other web based devices that Infuse uses) can be viewed if you click on the ‘status’ link which is at the bottom left of all forum postings.

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Thanks guys, didn’t know about that link.

Just a ray of hope so keep an eye out for better results.