Metadata issue with "Superman.II.The.Richard.Donner.Cut"


I manually searched on TMDB and it’s classified to be a 2006 film

I manually searched metadata in Infuse to override it.

The library now doens’t recognize them as the same movie.

The collection (from TMDB) now doesn’t recognize them as the same movie.

That may be because it’s not included in the Superman Collection.

You may be able to add it on TMDB to that collection but I’d recommend checking real close with their forum to see if there’s a reason it’s not included.

You may also want to change the year on your file to match the TMDB year for this special cut.

I got smarter. I reported it for it to be included and they said the following.

No, as collections are only for true movie sequels.

This one is an alternate version to the Superman 2 movie present in the collection, not a sequel to it.

They’ve got a point, but still, pedantic.

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As much as I hate it I can understand it. Maybe you could get it to include if you created a custom tag for a special version so it’d show both.

It turns out that they had an internal debate in the mod section, and we are not allowed to see it.

Yup. Glad you got there on your own. Saves me rehashing it all.

TMDB has outgrown its founder, i.e., Travis Bell.

I’m finding more cracks in TMDB than there are potholes in Toronto.

I used the custom tags and have them in my Superman collection

Superman.II.1980.{edition-Richard Donner Cut}.2160p.BluRay.REMUX.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.TrueHD.7.1.Atmos-FGT.mkv



Amazing tip!

You would have to edit the filename and break the hash though.

Does this work for TV shows?

I am having trouble using {tag} for two versions of a episode, old and new.

Not yet but yet but I believe this suggestion addresses what you’re asking. :wink:

Multiple versions of a TV series