Metadata issue with Nymphomaniac 1 and 2

Both movies have very close names and are released on the same date and same year.


The above is misidentified.


The above is correctly identified.

NB, if you noticed that the buttons are different in the two pictures, no I didn’t change anything and they are under the same page. They are different because as I opened the edit metadata window, without changing anything, the button changed by itself. It’s probably because it was still scanning. They both show director’s cut in the end.

This seems to be a common glitch type in TMDB’s search processing (which fails to prioritize exact title matches and often returns results for titles which include the exact match plus (other content) instead.

Often you can fix this by editing your title to break the latter match.

In this case:
Nymphomaniac Vol. I (2013)

TMDB glitch returns:
Nymphomaniac Vol. II (2013)
Nymphomaniac Vol. I (2013)

But making either of these two edits:
(add a space)
Nymphomaniac Vol. I[ ][ ](2013)
(add a period)
Nymphomaniac Vol. I.[ ](2013)

Returns only:
Nymphomaniac Vol. I (2013)

Both the period and added [space] exclude the undesired match.

Obviously, worth pointing out the easiest way to fix this for most users would be to just do the manual metadata edit as shown by OP and select the correct title.