Metadata Issue - two talk shows


I have a problem with metadata for two tv shows. One is:- Charlie.Rose.S08E118.m4v and the second is:- The.Tonight.Show.Starring.Johnny.Carson.S30E119.m4v.

For some reason, in library view, Infuse is naming both these series by their TVDB numbers (81410 & 70334 respectively) rather than the Show name; plus it is not recognising an image file.

I have a main folder with the show name, inside that is an image (folder.jpg) and ‘Season 8/30’ folder and then the file in this folder. It recognises the show and allocates an image to the season folder but calls the main show folder 81410 or 70334 and has they grey ‘folder’ image.

I have over 2000 other episodes that appear perfectly yet these two do not. Has anyone seen this type behaviour? Maybe it is something to do with the fact they are talk shows? Most likely I am doing something dumb. Thanks for any ideas!

Do these two shows by chance have the use embedded metadata selected? Have you tried to edit the metadata and see if they get found?

Just a wild guess.

Thanks for the suggestion NC Bullseye!

I have double checked that and unfortunately no change. What I find odd is that it is recognising the show because it downloads the synopsis, cast and season cover art - just won’t name the series folder correctly or accept the image. I have now done a fresh copy from the DVDs and made sure they are cleared of metadata but still achieve the same results.

It could be the same issue as I’m experiencing with one of my shows. Posted this a long time ago, and it still doesn’t work. Infuse 4.3.4 displays Show ID instead of name

What is the exact name you have on the folder for each?

The reason I ask is that thetvdb may be having issues finding the right one for each since there are several different entries for both.

For example, for your Charlie Rose videos:

Charlie Rose
The Charlie Rose Show
Charlie Rose: The Week

You could try renaming the folders to each of the above and see if that helps.

The tonight show is similar.

I don’t have version 4 of infuse loaded any so I can’t try to duplicate it. You didn’t specify what the file name was of the video(s) you were having issues with. If it’s still a problem a bit more detail would help.

Sorry for the trouble.

I was able to replicate this here, and we’ll take a look into what is going on here.

Thank James!

Have you had any ideas what is going on here yet? I have just done a software update and can confirm it is still showing incorrectly.

Sorry for the delay.

I can confirm this is still on our radar as something to look into.

Thankyou! Much appreciated

Hi, any update on this issue please?