Metadata Issue on BDMV folder

Hello all, i’m a newbie here and I love infuse soooo much. It’s very user-friendly and I believed that it’s a MUST have apps for AppleTV !!!

I have some movies which stored in my QNAP NAS, some of them are in MKV format (single file), some of them are in BDMV folder. Since some of my movies are concert which cannot find in movie imdb database; therefore, I would rather create the XML in my own. The point is it cannot fetch the local metadata and the description still show nothing. Can someone can give me a hand on this situation? Thanks very much.

My situation as follows:

Folder Structure:

Inside this folder, I got 2 subfolders “CERTIFICATE” and “BDMV”. In fact, I can play the movie with no issue. I just want to have the artwork and metadata display correctly.

If I prepare the XML and artwork (JPG) file, where the file should located and what filename should I rename to?

Thanks again !!!