Metadata - Is it possible to change incorrect scrapes?

I bought an ATV to run XBMC on, but that currently seems to be so buggy that I’ve pretty much given up and gone back to my bullet proof (but dull looking) WDTV Live.  That was until I tried aTV Flash.
On the whole things are working well, every movie I tried (albeit a few seconds each) seems to play back fine, from DVD rips to 1080p Blu Ray rips with DTS sound.  Excellent!

The TV side of things is different; the scraping seems very poor at the moment and seems to scrape shows incorrectly 99% of the time, plus I have a series that is very high quality (11.3 Mbps video bitrate and 1.5Mbps audio) - every episode just gives a low memory error, which I can live with for now, hopefully something that will be resolved in later versions.
As far as the scraping goes, is there likely to be an option to manually fix incorrect metadata in future versions?

Thanks in advance.


I would also like to second this.

Also, where are the meta data records kept?