Metadata is getting (wrongly) overwritten

Hi (@james ),

I got a strange issue.
I have a share, that contains folders.
In some folders are only movie(s). Metadata is fetched correctly, no problem.
In some folders are only single series. Metadata is fetched correctly, no problem.

Now in some folders there are two subfolders, each one for movie(s) and serie(s).

Anime (Sharename)
-Filme (Movies)
-Pokemon Movie 1
-Pokemon Movie 2

I have multiple folders in this structure (Another example would be “One Piece” or “Ghost in the Shell”).
Now when I fetch metadata for one series (for example Pokemon) in this folder all shows are getting correct metadata, BUT all other series in other folders with similiar structure are now also shown as “Pokemon”. For example the series “One Piece” is now wrongly recognized as “Pokemon”. The same for all other series in subfolders (within folders which containing movies AND series). When I change the metadata for “One Piece” (which is shown as “Pokemon”), the same happens again, means all series in subfolders (within folders which containing movies and series) are changed to “One Piece”.
This even effects series (within folder which containing movies and series) in other shares!
This means, I can’t get metadata right at the moment…
However all other series, which are alone in a folder, are not effected or changed. Also movies (which are beside the effected series) are not touched.

Support code:

Here is my share with all folder (some containing movie(s), some serie(s) and some movie(s) AND serie(s):

Now when I go into my Pokemon folder, which contains two subfolders (movies and series), the series is shown correctly as Pokemon:

Now when I go into my One Piece folder, which ALSO contains two sub folders (movies and series), the series is shown wrongly:

When I change the metadata then to One Piece, Pokemon is changed to One Piece.
As I said, both series are only an example, more series (which are in the same structure only) are not effected.

Any idea?

Can you provide examples of how the files that are changing are named? Is it specific series or all of them? Maybe a screen cap of the file structure and how their named would help figure out what’s going on.

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If you’re not including the series name in the actual filename (instead relying on parent folder naming) Infuse will try and fetch the correct info from one of these folders. It looks like something in your mixed organization structure is breaking this.

Adding the series name to the filename is probably the easiest solution here.


The files are in this format “SxxExx - Episodetitle”:


One Piece:

Again both are only examples. Others are also affected, but only the ones that are in a folder together with movies.
Single series folders (without movies in them) seem not to be affected.

Yup, what James said, if you add the series name to the files you’ll not have that problem.


I’ve never had any issue with my filename format for years using Infuse.
However I’ve changed my favorites from library to actual shares so I have more control. Since then I have this issue.

Can you tell me the exact format I should use?
Is it enough if I add the series name in front of the episode title like “Pokemon - S01E01 - Episodetitle”?

In this case, Infuse is using the ‘Serie’ folder as the common series name. I’m guessing you had to match one of these series manually and then everything under similar ‘Serie’ folder structures was matched to that manually selected series name.

For folder-based organization, you’ll want to use one of these structures.

  1. show name/any folder/S01E02.mkv
  2. show name/any folder/01.02.mkv
  3. show name/season 1/02.mkv
  4. show name/season 1/1-02.mkv
  5. show name/season 1/episode 02.mkv
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That should do it. :+1:

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Oh now I understand what do you mean.
That make sense. I will try that tomorrow and give you an update.

Thanks for the fast response.

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This should get you in the ballpark.


@james @NC_Bullseye
Thank you both guys, this way metadata is correct again. Makes sense when I think about it.

Have a nice day!

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