MetaData is found but nothing changed

Hi there,

I have some TV show files, which should be correctly renamed since the MetaData is found (as the screenshot shows). However, there is still no posters or any other things that supposed to appear and those files are still classified in “Others”.

Any suggestions?

By the way, I have also turn off the “Embedded Metadata” button in the Settings.

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That filename looks okay to me, and TMDB had no issues identifying the show for me using either English or Korean text.

Regarding your first screenshot: Instead of the spinning circle, Infuse should show show a check mark on that title after Infuse & TMDB have identified it as such — and the entire TV series should then move out of the others (you usually only need to update a single episode).

There might be other things going on, but that’s the first thing I’d check. When you edit metadata, Infuse needs to confirm your selection of the correct title to initiate any changes.

Thanks for your reply. This issue makes me confused because other TV shows in my library automatically fetch metadata well.

Based on your analysis, some problems appear when I try to select the title. I really don’t know how to fix this thus I just downloaded the same shows from another website and this time it fetched the data as normal. I think the problem has been solved.

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