Metadata Is Duplicating On Other TV Show Series

When I go in and Edit Metadata for a TV Show Series, the metadata is duplicating on several other TV show series. I can go into different TV show series and edit the metadata and this metadata will reproduce on the former edited TV show series.
Have I got a setting wrong? Is there a way to lock the metadata for a TV show series.
Thanks for the help to a new Infuse user.

How do you have the files named?

IE Dallas
S01E01 Diggers Daughter
S01E02 Lessons
All episodes are in one folder and numbered this way.
I can view them in Plex and they are all in order, but Infuse does not.

I should also mention that the all video is stored on

You’re going to get far better results when each file has the series name included and each season in a separate folder like this.

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Are you saying that when you edit metadata on an episode of Dallas it also changes the metadata of other shows, too? Which are the other shows?

As @NC_Bullseye depicted, you’ll almost surely avoid this if you include the show name in the episode file names. (I also add the release-year, because that further data point often helps distinguish between similarly named shows that your show might otherwise be misidentified as.)

My experience has been Infuse, by default, will (to save users time) apply any metadata changes made to a single episode to all other episodes in that folder and any subfolders. So if you have multiple different shows in the same folder, these changes might be applied to all of them. This might also happen if you have the folder for “Show B” nested inside the folder for “Show A”.

Another reason to follow @NC_Bullseye’s guidance about keeping each show in its own folder.

Following @NC_Bullseye’s suggestion will likely fix this.

If you want to avoid having to rename all the files, you can organize each season into its own folder.


Dallas/Season 1/S01E01 Diggers Daughter.mp4

There are also many other supported naming styles you can use, and a complete list of these can be found here.

Thanks so much. Placing the video files in each Season folder worked great for me. All is in order now😎

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