Metadata / indexation

Hello everyone,

I just acquired infuse pro on my TV call and I have a quick question about indexation.

When I’m on my show files, some have jackets with all the summaries and some don’t, I just have a gray incone.
It seems that indexation is not being done. But the name is well written.
Would you be why?

Thansk for support

Can you show us a naming example of something that don’t work

Hello thanks for your return.

Yes of course ,
for exemple : i have 4 animation series.
Tower of god for exemple, the file is grey and i have no description (i should mention that i go to favorites and completed on infiuse)
But Tokyo revengers : the file is grey, thera are two seasons, but when i enter the file, however each season at its cover (image)
I have a serie with 1 season without dexription and pictures and others with.

in pictures :slight_smile:
i can chooce the movie and other on the home page
but I can choose to browse the contents of my ftp in complete

In order for Infuse to get the correct info for TV shows like this, you will want to include both the season number and episode info in the filename.

A list of the recommended naming styles can be found here.

Hello James,

Thnaks for your help.
But i have a question, tokyo revengers, the indexation is good for saison 1/2 but Why does the image not appear in the file?

Small clarification in my FTP, there is a folder “tokyo revengers” and inside two other folders tokyo revengers season 1
and tokyo revengers season 2

If you want to keep things organized in folders by season, it’s best to use a structure like this (as described in the guide linked above).

TV Shows/The Big Bang Theory
 > Season 1
    > Files
 > Season 2
    > Files
 > Season 3
    > Files
TV Shows/The Office
 > Season 1
    > Files
 > Season 2
    > Files
 > Season 3
    > Files

To clarify a bit, do you have tokyo revengers TV series or are you talking about tokyo revengers movies?

There is only 1 season for the tokyo revengers series but there are 4 movies in the tokyo revengers group and depending on which you’re trying to display will determine how the files need to be named and organized.

Edit to add, you can see both the TV series and the 4 movies here and determine how to name your files.

oh !
However, there is a lively season 2 ^^

this is the current pattern
a season 1 folder and the files in it, as well as for season 2

But these two folders are in a “parent folder” named “Tokyo Revolvers” and this folder is gray, there’s no thumbnail on it. This may be normal ^^

You can go here and see what episodes are in a season.

Note, this show has 25 episodes in the “Specials” season which needs to have the season folder named “Season 00” .

Then you can see the episodes in season 1.

You will then have two season folders labeled “Season 00” and “Season 01”.