Metadata incorrect for The Pretender

Notice the tv show the pretender.

I went to edit metadata and changed to the correct selection, the one above the checkmark.

Now the correct pretender is missing and only the wrong one is there.

I cannot get rid of that icon. I reset AppleTV and all goes back to the beginning. I’ve repeated this 4 time now.
Using AppleTV 4 k latest, and infuse pro 7.6.1 (4559)

Could you provide a sample of exactly how you have the files named and maybe a screen cap of the file structure for that show?

The second picture shows the file name, it finds the correct metadata which is right above the one with the checkmark, but will not change.
Even if I had a typo and it finds the correct metadata, it should change the metadata.

Infuse will check for changes occasionally and in this case it may see this file name as another show. The thing that will help most in this is to include the year in the file name when there are two shows with identical names.

Also I understand the reason for eliminating the word “The” in the name but that too can cause issues when the show has it in it’s name.

I’d suggest you change the names to “The Pretender 1996 S01E01.avi” That should always resolve to the correct show when Infuse checks for updates.

Adding the year will most likely help make it stick with the one you want.

Maybe I didn’t explain it correctly, infuse shows me the correct metadata and I choose it but it will not change to it.
All the other episodes are the same format so I see no reason to change everything for this one.
What would make infuse refuse to change to the correct metadata when it is selected?
I have in the past clicked on the wrong metadata by mistake and infuse changed and I redid the correction, no problem.
For some reason infuse will not let me correct my metadata for this one episode.

That may be answered by seeing the directory structure and file names of the rest of the series.

I followed your advice and added the word “ The” to the name so it is now “the pretender” and it now works and all are the same as required.
BUT, that doesn’t explain why infuse was acting strange. It showed 1 episode in a non-English title and the other 20 episodes in proper English titles. When I tried to manually edit the metadata, it wouldn’t change, but instead removed all the English titles and only showed the non-English title.
Changing the title of the thread doesn’t mean infuse was not acting strange( lol).

You seemed determined not to give the info that you were repeatedly asked for though. That and only that would determine if Infuse was acting strange.
Glad the issue is sorted though.

Once I renamed the files that info asked for is no longer available.
All were named the same and 20 works and 1 doesn’t and that one won’t change is STRANGE.
Thanks for finding a work around, but admit the issue was strange.

That is not needed to know infuse was acting strange. Edit metadata did not work by changing to the one I selected and removing series when I tried. That was strange. Changing the file name did merge that episode back into the correct series, but that was not the strange part. Infuse should not have acted as it did.
I just wanted everyone to know in case they come across the same issue.

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