Metadata in new mediaplayer

Hi all,

I may have read that there is  bug in beat6 that does not allow for the movie tiles / metadata to SAVE, eg, it fetches each time you switch the ATV on.

This isn’t really practical for me…

I note that this feature hasn’t really been addressed in  the new version of media player. Is this going to be a feature in the final version? Just wondering -as everyone loves meta data, but fetching it every time, kinda defeats the purpose i suppose?







Metadata fetching was slightly improved in this week’s release, and saved metadata will now be retained after a restart.

On a related note, we’re in the process of switching metadata providers so metadata fetching should be much improved in the next version.


I hope it actually fetches the right metadata in the next release. The way it is now, the fetching algorithm you are using is correct in maybe 20% of the cases. I have lots of mkv files where the filenames are completely clear and stripped from text that the fetcher may find confusing, but still, the metadata results are so far off from what the filename says that I don’t really understand how you guys have coded this algorithm. I could send you examples if that helps.

In the current version (and most likely the next version) Media Player uses the embedded title tag of the movie itself. Only if no title tag is present will the actual filename be used.

Not all MKV files have title tags, but some do. Do you know if yours have this tag? Can you provide an example a filename that is showing incorrect metadata?

ATV Black - beta 6 (w/latest mediaplayer installed)

ATV firmware 4.2.2 - jailbroaken with latest Seas0npass

Fully updated packages from all standard repos (apt-get update / apt-get upgrade)

Using AFP share.


After the last MP update, Lowtide crashes and restarts very often now while metadata fetching is in progress.


Anyway, examples of wrong metadata getting fetched - filename:


this is detected as “Lost - The survivors of a plane crash…”

same thing happens with the rest of the episodes in that season too.

Dexter S01E01 - Dexter.avi

is detected as “Firefly - Five hundred years in the future…”


is detected as “Prototype - Steven Karp is entering his Freshmen year…”


I could basically go on and on here, lots of files are so wrongly tagged by your metadata fetcher that I don’t know how or why. If it would be incorrectly tagged because of a words in the filename being similar to what is fetched, I would understand that there would be some minor issues, but this is so wrong that it shouldn’t really be possible.

It’s almost like you have a random() function your metadata fetcher class. :wink:


BTW: I guess the metadata is stored in the ATV? If so, could you add a “flush all metadata” option in settings? And could you do it so that if the AFP share is R/W enabled, that metadata in eg. mkv files is written to the filetag itself? (saving storage space on the ATV)

Maybe even you could  write your own metadata file format (one file containing pic, txt in xml etc) that can be optionally stored at the AFP share where the current file is, with the same filename + fcm (firecore meta) extension?


Other than that, you have a great product! :slight_smile:

Ok, currently TV Show metadata is not supported, so what’s happening is MP is trying to locate Movies that match your TV Shows (which obviously won’t end well).

Support for TV Show metadata is in the queue, and will be available soon.

What software would you recommend for creating, modifying, and review MKV container files?

There are a few, but for MKV files try

I am having problems when it fetches some of the metadata, it crashes.  All my files are avi for the most part.  Is there something I need to do?



Nope, nothing you can do at the moment. Metadata fetching will be greatly improved in the next verison.

I’m just wondering if there will be an option to just scrape local metadata. I have over 1000 movies and 135 tv shows, all with .nfo files, and hand picked (and created) posters, fanart, and banners. When I first tried XBMC I had a problem where it would scrape everything all over again, sometimes with the wrong show, and most of the time with artwork that wasn’t as good as the ones I have stored locally.

XBMC is slow though, and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, even with the unofficial semi-nightlies. Plex is alright, but the web based interface for the server sucks on Windows, so this media player seems to be my best bet, as long as I can scrape my own files. This will be a definite purchase for me, even if I hear this feature is on a to do list :slight_smile:


Yes, allowing local files/artwork to override/prevent metadata from being downloaded is something we’re also working on.

Both are close to being done, so they may make it into next week’s version.

Wow, you guys are great! From what I hear about the updates made to the media player (along with other things like the browser), this really seems like it’s worth the money!

Thanks. Next week’s very is pretty solid, and should help fill quite a few feature gaps (chapers, subtitles, etc…). :)


Are metadata for tv shows also included in the next version ?

It would appear, for me at least, each time I start Media Player the Metadata is re-downloaded even though I know it’s is on the Apple TV under (/private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Media). It takes longer to show Movie info then the first fetch did. Anyone else having this issue?



I’m having exactly the same issue!    

We’re seeing that here with some files as well. Hoping to have it fixed soon.

Thanks, Media Player is pretty slick.

I gather metadata is fetched from

It works 99% of the time but I have a few movies named correctly as per but they still show incorrect or missing metadata.  Could someone else give these filenames a go or advise any name change to get them to work please


The American (2010).avi

Inception (2010).avi