Metadata in Folders and Sorting Order

Dear All,

I am just getting started with Infuse5 Pro (5.7.1.) on my Apple TV 4.
I was just wondering:

I have a synology NAS with a video-folder, which include for each movie a separate folder with the name and year of the movie (e.g. Inception (2012))
I also have separate metadata in each folder to the movies, created with a separate app, which creates separate XML files with the metadata. Those are put into the movie folders.

When I now open up Infuse Pro 5 on my appletv or any other device and activate the library, it shows all folders, but not the corresponding covers and metadata. I have to go into each folder to see the metadata and covers. How can I change that?

Another thing is, that some folders contain more than one item or movie, sometimes in different file sizes or encodings. IN the library the folders with more than one file are shown first, following the rest of the files later. So I have to scroll down. There must be any setting to organize the library in alphabetical order, does it? I have not found the corresponding setting?

Can anyone help me out here?

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Infuse will work to flatten single movie folders so they appear as playable items instead of folders, but depending on what you have inside this may not happen. Can you describe the types of files you have inside these folders?

Another option that may work for you is to browse using the Library. This would allow you to access all your videos without having to worry about folders. A few guides with more info on setting up and using the Library can be found here. Library 101 – Firecore

Hey James,

thanks for the quick respond. Most of my movies are either mp4, mov or iso-files, some are also mkv or m4v. Than I also have an xml-file, an vsmeta and a metathumb-file, all created by my external metadata-tool.

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I get what you mean but can we not have an option where infuse doesnt do like that and sort folders in a-z order?

Hi, there is a simple trick to resolve the problem. There should not be another folder inside the folder that carries the movie. Eg, the subs are sometimes in sub folders etc. if you have no sub folder in the individual folders, the cover will appear on the main screen, instead of the folder symbol.
I hope this was your question, and I understood it correctly.

I have a similar issue. I don’t know if it helps but this is what I did:

  • All my TV Shows are in a folder in the server called “TV Shows” (what else? :smiley: )
  • I added the folder “TV Shows” as favorite
  • My TV shows populated the library and I’ve got the Favourite “TV Shows” icon
  • Clicking inside “TV Shows” some series have the poster others a folder icon

My solution has been:

  • Hide the Favourite “TV Shows” (long pressing on its icon)
  • Add the favourite “All TV Shows” from the Library

Doing so I get a normal view with all TV shows posters for the series, clicking inside I get the seasons (if more than 1). Also the other favourite/lists added from Infuse are just fine.

Regarding movies I generally have the structure Folder/{movie.mkv,}, without anything fancy (.nfo or .xml files) and that works fine. Only in one case I have a folder with some short movies inside and that doesn’t get flatten out. But I have added from the Library the favourite “Not watched” and in there everything is flat with the right metadata. Or you can add your own favourites (available in Infuse) that you like.

Hey, I’d like to bring this topic back up again.
It seems that flattening folders with only one movie-file in it is still ongoing.
Since I am mainly using folders instead of the library, this feature makes a lot of confusion, since the folders with more than one file is on top of the list while the single-video files are at the bottom and I need to scroll down. And I also do not want to have all files in one main-folder, but I would like to stick with my setup of subfolders for each movie.
Why can’t you insert a setting where I can turn off this feature and the list will sort alphabetically? Is this such a hard thing to integrate?

Best and many thanks.