Metadata in 2.3 aTV, Infuse for aTV

Hallo, in older version (2.2.1) have no problem with metadata, when i have czech language in aTV, metadata was in czech language, when was aTV in English, metadata was in English language. Now i have aTV in czech language, dont metada fetching, in all add films, no metadata, when in old version was same name for films, i can select from catalogiue. Now - no catalogue. 

Fetching is still worse and worse. :frowning:

Could you provide a few movie titles you’re having trouble with?

problem is not in the name but that when in 2.2.1 media player write name in czech language, find me the metadata in czech, now no. In 2.2.1 when i write name by english, in many films metadata was in czech language. Now when i write name by english, metadata is in english. What i can make, that metadata will be in czech as in 2.2.1 ?? thx

Dependind on the actual movie it may or may not have Czech metadata available. If no Czech metadata is available it will always fall back to English.

You might try searching TMDb site manually, and see if the affected titles have a Czech version available.