Metadata improvements

Being mainly a Google user I’m used to Kodi, SPMC and Plex on a Shield TV for playing all my media and started using an apple 4k TV for purchases as were cheaper on apple that Google.

I use infuse of the apple unit and noticed it doesn’t let you choose which scraper you get metadata from, nor does it let you manually change the artwork.

Would be good if could use other scrapers like
Imdb and accepting the Imdb TT reference or title (I have a couple of movies that are on Imdb but infuse can’t get from its scrapers)
MyMovies for people who have registered accounts.

There are also many fanart sites for artwork for the posters and backdrops.

Infuse uses TMDb which you can create and add your own content if it is missing.

This could work although it would make it harder to track down issues if the developers had 5 different systems to handle and help customers. You can always use your own metadata or use another system (plex/Emby/jellifin) to manage it for you from elsewhere.

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I’ve added one Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn as was released as movie and need to add Halo The Fall of Reach which is another one

They both show as tv series if search via name but fail if try to use the imdb tt code

Plex - I already use this on my server
Emby - No point when have Plex and Kodi
Jellyfin - No point when have Plex and Kodi

An even though infuse says will link into Plex library it returns all the TV Shows incorrectly

Looks like these two are both mini series. Unfortunately mini series are grouped under shows instead of movies. Even if you bought the disc such that all items are combined into one title. Don’t try to add them in this case as the services do not want a duplicate movie and show entry.

Just to clarify a little. Don’t try to add them to TMDB they only want shows in one category, either movie or TV show. You may be able to add those with local metadata files and artwork if you want them as movies instead of TV mini-series. :wink:

Yes that’s what I meant to say. I didn’t know, though, if you could override the category of an item or just the rest of the metadata

I had already tried seeing some of the others were added :frowning:

I’m updating media using tiny media manager to see if that resolves some issues, but have noticed that uses aired ordered and not dvd ordered.

My last resort if can’t get tmm working on dvd order is to reinstall mymovies and redo them all that way.

I would say this is essentially the core of this feature request, which already has a fair bit of support, so maybe send your support that way as well.